Extensive Guide To Help Protect Underneath Of Truck

Those of you using a truck, or small fleet of trucks, as an essential tool for the running of your business need to take note of this. This short guide on the process of truck undercoating should provide sufficient motivation for small business owners to take up the offer of utilizing a service that will help slice costs in half in the management of their truck or fleet. It is an expensive exercise, to be sure. But there is nothing that cannot be done to aid and abet your business financially.

Take the specialized automotive exercise of carrying out the processes of truck undercoating for example.  What happens is the following. The first step in applying the work necessary is to clean the underneath of the truck. All areas of the vehicle that collects contaminants need to be addressed. These contaminants usually cause rust and corrosion which damages and decreases the lifespan of automotive parts. High pressure power washers equipped with long wands and angled tips, access the out of reach parts of the vehicle, removing all road grime, mud, sand and even salt.

truck undercoating

The vehicle is then placed on a four post drive on lift. Once elevated, the truck will be fully inspected by the team’s technicians. The inspection is necessary to ensure that all contaminants have been completely cleaned out. Once this has been assured, the undercoating will be applied. Two further processes should also be utilized. These will be applications of a rust eliminator and full-fledged rust proofing.

An inner cavity wax is used to do the rust proofing. The rust eliminator is a tannic acid based product that restores rusted metal back to a stable compound. Finally, with regular maintenance work, the life of the truck can be extended by as much as ten years.